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Why FDA put the pedal to the metal for radar and hummingbirds. And why medtech needs Google.

In this week’s episode of DeviceTalks Weekly, co-hosts Chris Newmarker and Tom Salemi dig into the recent successes by start-ups Circadia Health and Perceptis Medical, which both saw expedited approval from the FDA due to the pandemic.

We also unveil the 20 medical device companies you need to know.

Circadia CEO Fares Siddiqui discusses the quick approval that came for his company’s C100 system that uses radar to monitor respiratory function. Preceptis Medical CEO Steve Anderson, meanwhile, explains why the agency – and he hopes payers – want to see his company’s ear-tube implanting system on the market.

We also visit with Heidi Dohse, Sr. Program Manager at Google’s Cloud Healthcare & Life Sciences organization, who will be leading the upcoming DeviceTalks Tuesday’s discussion about how medtech devices can use data to better serve its sickest patients.

Dohse partners with physicians and researchers around the world to provide insights regarding the patient experience and ideas for engagement. She travels globally educating audiences on digital health, data and healthcare. On Tuesday, she’ll discuss.

  • How do we weigh “patient lifestyles” vs. “therapy/product” lifecycles”?
  • What impact will connected devices and apps have on patient outcomes?
  • How can data help improve and even transform the patient experience?

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