More Than Just Events

Nothing creates a tighter connection than a well-told story.

Through our own internal products and external partnerships, DeviceTalks gives medical device professionals the opportunity to share THEIR own story in THEIR own voice.

Here’s how we do it:


The DeviceTalks Podcast Network is home to 8 podcasts with more added every year. With hundreds of thousands of plays, the DeviceTalks Podcast Network brings medtech conversations to medical device makers, comprised of engineers, entrepreneurs, and senior executives. Subscribe to DeviceTalks on every major podcast platform and catch our video podcasts on the DeviceTalks YouTube.

DeviceTalks Weekly – Our flagship podcast, the DeviceTalks Weekly podcast series delivers news, insights and commentary from medtech industry leaders. Our podcasts will inspire medtech professionals to create better medtech devices and companies.

AbbottTalks – Over the past few years the world has come to recognize Abbott as a company dedicated to helping people live fuller and healthier lives. In this podcast series we’ll talk with the healthcare leaders, the executives, and the engineers who are working everyday to develop new technologies to help people live their best lives.

Boston Scientific Talks – Over four decades ago, medical device pioneers Johnny Abele and Pete Nicholas co-founded Boston Scientific to get life-saving technologies into the hands of physicians. Today, thousands of Boston Scientific employees are continuing that mission. We’ll begin to tell their stories here on the Boston Scientific Talks podcast.

IntuitiveTalks – Surgical robotics presents an enormous opportunity for companies. There are surgeon shortages, sporadic healthcare, and miraculous technological advancements in both robotics and communications. So to understand where this sector is heading, we’ve invited senior executives from Intuitive to share their company’s impressive stories. Change is coming. Consider these episodes to be guideposts for the future to follow.

DeviceTalks AI – DeviceTalks AI explores the transformative role of artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the medical device industry. The series zeroes in on the obstacles and opportunities AI brings to medtech, presenting insights from senior leaders across the industry, including medtech OEMs and Tech Giants.

MedtechWOMEN Talks – Understand the steps and relationships needed to bring a medical device to market with our video podcast. Senior executives from engineering, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, Venture capital, marketing and more share their unique insights on the medtech product development cycle from concept to commercialization.

MedtronicTalks – The MedtronicTalks Podcast Series brings insights, observation and lessons from the leaders of the medtech industry’s single, largest leader. Episodes center around one of Medtronic’s business units ranging from cardiac care to surgical robotics. We’ll talk with decision makers who keep Medtronic at the forefront of Medtech. We’ll also speak with regulatory, financial, and other operational leaders including the CEO about how Medtronic is preparing for the future.

StrykerTalks – Few companies in the medical device industry touch the entire spectrum of healthcare like Stryker. From accident scenes to ERs, from ORs to patient rooms, Stryker delivers the supplies, tools, and devices used to provide patients with the highest quality of care. In this podcast, we’ll talk with the company’s leaders to get a better understanding of how innovation, new technologies, and teamwork will further Stryker’s mission.


DeviceTalks Tuesdays – Each week, the editorial team at DeviceTalks will organize discussions and workshops for MedTech companies who want to ensure their teams are atop of this changing world.

The discussions will center around the five pillars of our DeviceTalks events, giving attendees deep insights from leaders in the following areas.

  • Innovation & Investment
  • Product Development & Prototype
  • Manufacturing & Markets
  • Regulatory, Reimbursement & Policy
  • Digital Tools & Data



Our in-person DeviceTalks conferences unite medtech professionals to discuss advancing the design, manufacturing and commercialization of new life-saving devices.


DeviceTalks Spotlight – Find your solutions to your most intractable MedTech problems with DeviceTalks Spotlight. If you need additional information, you can download online resources or ask questions of these industry experts.