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AI Meets Life Sci explores the transformative role of AI and ML in the life sciences. The series zeroes in on major obstacles and opportunities in healthcare, presenting insights from Big Pharma, medtech OEMs, and Tech Giants, shaping the healthcare landscape and leading to better health outcomes.

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Season One Episodes


Interviews with Paul Friedman, MD, Chair of the Dep of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic, and Dave McMullin, CBO at Anumana & Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI


Interviews with Elena Bonfiglioli, Global Business Leader for Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences at Microsoft & Jen Nwankwo, PhD, Founder & CEO of 1910 Genetics


Interviews with Ben Newton, General Manager of Oncology at GE HealthCare and Haley Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer at Catalyze Healthcare


Interviews with Helen Merianos, PhD, Head of R&D Portfolio Strategy at Sanofi & Michelle Longmire, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Medable


In Episode 5 we meet with medtech OEM, Medtronic and leader in market intelligence, SmartTRAK

Interviews with Ha Hong, PhD, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Endoscopy at Medtronic & Joe Mish, VP Sales, SmartTRAK Business Intelligence


In Episode 6 hosts Kayleen Brown and Brian Buntz sit down with SandboxAQ, an Alphabet spin-out

Interview with Nadia Harhen, General Manager of AQBioSim at SandboxAQ, an Alphabet spin-out

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