Ortho Innovation Talks: Zimmer Biomet provides an in-depth exploration of the orthopedic industry. We’ll dive into its origins, future prospects, and present-day challenges and opportunities, all from the viewpoint of Zimmer Biomet’s senior leadership.

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AcuityMD is a leading technology partner to the commercial MedTech industry. Thousands of sales and marketing professionals use AcuityMD’s commercial platform to identify target markets, surface top opportunities, and grow their business. With customers ranging from pre-commercial to enterprise, AcuityMD is committed to providing MedTech companies with unparalleled visibility to accelerate access to medical technology.

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Millstone Medical Outsourcing is a leading provider of customized outsourcing solutions to the medical device industry. Millstone delivers expert post-manufacturing and aftermarket services for medical device manufacturers that foster quality, compliance, and business success. Millstone specializes in packaging, testing and logistics services all with an unparalleled focus on quality. Millstone is FDA registered and ISO certified by BSI, Inc. to ISO 13485: 2016.

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