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Medtronic CEO Martha explains the why of competing, the reorg, and the importance of institutions

In this episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Medtronic CEO Geoff Martha brings us on the inside of Medtronic’s ongoing reorganization. Martha explains how the new company will be structured to work with outside vendors. (Hint: more autonomy, not total autonomy.)

He also explains why the company’s push to instill more competitive juice is aligned with its overarching mission of innovation.

Martha also discussed his long path to medtech and Medtronic. How he first met Omar Ishrak and why institutions like Medtronic and other medtech companies need to step up on a social scale.

This week, Dave Franchino, president of Delve, explains how the company is adapting innovation to fit the pandemic. (And suggests if you’re not finding opportunities to innovate, you’re simply not looking hard enough.)

But there is no DeviceTalks party without Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, who shares this episode’s Newmarker Newsmakers. Companies covered include Medtronic, Vectorious Medical Technologies, GE Healthcare, Stryker and Butterfly Network.

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