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DeviceTalks Weekly: How is coronavirus affecting medtech?

Welcome to the DeviceTalks Weekly podcast, a regular – and sometimes irregular – opportunity to visit with the editorial team at MassDevice and Medical Design & Outsourcing.

This week, Chris Newmarker, executive editor, life sciences, at WTWH Media, reviews our COVID-19 coverage with Tom Salemi, editorial director, DeviceTalks. Tom also chats with Jeffries analyst Raj Denhoy, who details how the medtech sector is faring in this unprecedented uncertainty.

While most medtech companies stand on strong financial footing, Denhoy issues a warning to investors that another correction may be coming once analysts start assessing the impact on earnings. Still, he says there are safe havens out there and identifies one in the podcast. Finally, Tom and Chris explore what impact social distancing may have on medtech in the short-term – sales and deals – and long-term – innovation.

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