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CVRx Nadim Yared on COVID-19, diversity and equality; Hyalex CEO Mira Sahney shares startup details

In part 2 of an interview, we follow up with last week’s guest, CVRx CEO Nadim Yared, to catch up on how the medtech executive is managing during the pandemic.

Yared also shares some far-reaching views on what the medtech industry needs to work toward to improve diversity in its workforce and provide equality for society.

We also visit with Mira Sahney, CEO of Hyalex Orthopaedics, one of medtech’s most interesting startups. Hyalex was identified as a notable startup in this recent report in Medical Design and Outsourcing.

In this interview, Sahney reveals Hyalex’ origins, the state of its potential cartilage replacement product, and why start-ups have a natural advantage operating in a pandemic.

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