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Avail Medsystems, AliveCor help surgeons, patients, and sales reps battle COVID through connectivity

Medtech People: In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, we’ll talk about overcoming unfairness and inequity.

In a double dose of New Tools and Technology interviews, co-host Tom Salemi talks with two companies using connective technology to build out innovative service businesses.

Medtech veteran Daniel Hawkins, CEO of Avail Medsystems, creator of a procedural telemedicine system that can open up the operating room for sales reps and surgical experts. Hawkins explains how Avail will provide the equipment to hospitals for free while creating new channels for medical device companies to advise surgeons in the operating room. You can learn more about Avail’s approach on our upcoming DeviceTalks Tuesday episode on Oct. 6.

In our opening interview, Ira Bahr, COO of AliveCor, explains how the company’s AI-enabled, consumer EKG device, KardiaMobile 6L, is connecting heart patient with their physicians. The company is selling the device for patient monitoring both in home and clinical trial settings. How will tech like this open the the clinical trial market. Also, learn how AliveCor is shifting into more of a service company.

Meanwhile, co-cost Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences at MassDevice, is off the the races with his #NewmarkersNewsmakers which includes BD, Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Medtronic and Smith+Nephew.

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