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Digging into the Digital Medtech & Surgical Worlds with Mark Toland, Scott Huennekens, and Kal Patel

This week we’ll dig deep into digital surgery, robotics and the power of THE CLOUD.

In our opening keynote conversation, Mark Toland, CEO of Medical Micro Instruments, explains why the company’s microsurgical robot has a chance to be in most hospitals. The company has CE Mark, a controlled commercial roll out and plans to knock in the FDA’s door sometime in 2022 where it will face huge competition (or, we think, potential acquirers if history holds out.) Watch the cool CNBC video here.

Next, we talk with Scott “Go Go Go” Huennekens, employee number 1 at the former Verb Surgical, about the state of digital medtech. Huennekens, who previously led and sold Volcano Corp., explains why you can no longer have the latter without the former. Kal Patel, CEO of BrightInsight, explains why medtech must follow a different path – with equally unique challenges – to fully enjoy the power of digital connection.

Danielle Kirsh, senior editor of Mass Device, drops by to bring us up to date at two cool devices presented at CES 2001. You can read about Omron and here.

Finally, Co-hosts Tom Salemi and Chris Newmarker walk through this week’s #NewmarkersNewsmakers featuring news from Abbott, Steris, Cantel and Theranos.

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