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How befriending failure and 'Sticking to Simple' can help you master biomedical innovation

Covid-19 threaten to shut down your lab? Not a problem. Investor says years of your work isn’t worth investing in? What’s the big deal? Jeff Karp isn’t an optimist. He’s a realist. A realist who’s come to realize that bad news and disappointing outcomes can be the best motivator and teacher. In this DeviceTalks Tuesday discussion, Karp, a professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, will share how researchers at his Karp Lab are able to convert criticism and disappointments into success.

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Resmed’s Successful Marriage of Digital & Medtech

Under the leadership of CEO Mick Farrell, respiratory leader Resmed has been a leader of bringing digital technology and monitoring to the patient and the bedside. In this keynote conversation, Farrell will walk us through Resmed’s approach and share its vision for the future. Questions and answers will follow the discussion led by Host Tom Salemi.

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Raising Capital in the Zoom Age

The pandemic didn’t eliminate the costs of developing a medtech device. Shrewd executives need to be able to tell their stories even under these trying circumstances to secure the capital their teams need. In this discussion, chief financial officers who have successfully raised massive rounds will detail their strategies.

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Predicting and Preparing for Disruption in Medtech

Disruptive technology has been on the rise and with the current circumstances, adopting remote interaction in healthcare is critical to meet the needs of patients and consumers. Product redesign, virtual consultation and programming, and software are providing more opportunities in healthcare than ever before. To remain competitive, it’s imperative to recognize the changing opportunities, protect your IP, and do so with variable market demands.

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How can medtechs win the connectivity race, and what happens next?

The Covid-19 pandemic fueled the slow burning desires to build medical devices that can connect patients and providers. Going forward, new medical device technologies will need to demonstrate a well-conceived, fool-proof system that ensures medical care can’t be impeded by any future disruptions.

Now is the time for forward-thinking device firms to expand their offering and invest in services that support these groundbreaking new technologies.

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How Medtech's hottest startups are finding success in trying times

CEOs from several companies appearing in Medical Design and Outsourcing’s “20 medical device startups you need to know” list will speak to the challenges facing startups. Attendees will hear how these medtech leaders are managing through difficult financial markets and finding ways to turning promising technologies into treatments.

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Improving Medtech’s Bedside Manner

Heidi Dohse, Sr. Program Manager at Google who works with the Cloud Healthcare & Life Sciences organization, is also a professional heart patient and the founder of Tour de Heart. In this discussion, Heidi will speak about her work to help medtech companies and patients improve the performance of their implanted devices. She partners with physicians and researchers around the world to provide insights regarding the patient experience and ideas for engagement. She travels globally educating audiences on digital health, data and healthcare.

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How Do Hospitals Get Their Patients Back?

Facing previously unforeseen shortages of personal protective equipment and supplies, provider systems like the Mayo Clinic enlisted engineering departments to help fill the materials gap with 3D printing and other approaches. With the surge in the rearview mirror, those hospital systems now are turning to those same teams to get their facilities ready for the return of patients. In this discussion, a panel of engineering and health professionals share how the venerable institution is moving to reopen in a safe and thoughtful manner.

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Maculogix/MPR: Putting innovative diagnostics into a smaller, sleeker, wearable device

MacuLogix CTO and co-founder Gregory Jackson jokes that he fainted when CEO Bill McPhee decided the company had to create an AI-enabled and wearable version of its revolutionary AdaptDx device used to diagnose macular degeneration. But the development of AdaptDx Pro went smoothly when Maculogix found the right partners like MPR Associates. In this discussion, Jackson and two principals from MPR – Jeff Champagne and Craig Mauch – will walk through the process that put the functionality of a benchtop system into a sleek, wearable device.

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How skin-interfaced, medical-grade wearables will allow devices to continuously track physiological status

Professor Rogers will lay out his lab’s ongoing development of skin-interfaced, wireless wearables capable of ICU-grade monitoring, both in the clinic and the home. These advanced tools also support simultaneous capabilities in continuous tracking of novel metrics of patient health, with the ability to provide comprehensive, and potentially predictive, assessments of physiological status using advanced data analytics approaches.

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Where is the medtech job market headed?

The impact of COVID-19 hit medtech’s bottom line hard forcing companies to scale back on payroll through layoffs and salary cuts. But the sector will recover as hospitals learn to manage patient care in a pandemic. What can companies and medtech professionals do to ensure they’ve got the best team in place to succeed?

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How COVID-19 is creating new IP and litigation challenges for medtechs

The medtech industry is being pressed to meet the many challenges presented by the pandemic. While medtech’s help is needed to create new tools and tests, the pandemic presents unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the industry.

In this discussion, our panel of experienced trial lawyers and IP counsel will discuss the following important and timely developments and trends:

  • IP strategy for companies innovating new technology or forming new collaborations
  • Liability risks and immunity protections
  • Impact of COVID-19 on litigation in the medtech industry

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