2017 DeviceTalks Boston Exhibitors

The exhibit floor at DeviceTalks Boston offers ample time for networking with leading industry corporations while discovering the most cutting edge products and services on the market today.

Exhibition Hours:

Monday, October 2

10:00 am – 10:30 am Exhibition/Morning Networking Break  
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Exhibition/Luncheon
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm Exhibition/Afternoon Networking Break
5:0 pm – 6:00 pm Exhibition/Networking Reception


Booth #603

Acorn Product Development embraces collaboration, simplifies complex engineering challenges, establishes supply chains, and plans for manufacturing and delivery. Their proven expertise, relationships, and processes help clients bring innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products to market quickly while maintaining profitability throughout their life cycles.


Booth #200

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), is a trade association that leads the effort to advance medical technology in order to achieve healthier lives and healthier economies around the world. AdvaMed’s membership has reached nearly 300 members and more than 80 employees with a global presence in countries including Europe, India, China, Brazil, and Japan. AdvaMed’s member companies range from the largest to the smallest medical technology innovators and companies. The Association acts as the common voice for companies producing medical devices, diagnostic products and health information systems.


Booth #614

One of the biggest challenges facing health care providers today is enhancing safety and patient care while managing workflow efficiencies. As a division of the 13th largest global medical device manufacturer, B. Braun Medical Inc. (B.Braun) is uniquely poised to address this challenge. Guided by our Sharing Expertise® philosophy, B.Braun leads the way in developing infusion therapy and pain management products and services that meet the highest standards for quality, safety, sustainability and efficiency.


Booth #505

At Elkem Silicones, we pride ourselves in being one of the world’s leaders in fully integrated silicone manufacturing, with R&D laboratories, production sites and sales offices located in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


Booth #108

Biomedical Polymers, Inc. (BMP), a quality manufacturer of plastic consumables for research and medical diagnostics laboratories, announced today that it has received ISO® 13485:2003 certification for its Quality Management System for the manufacture of Medical Devices. In order to meet these requirements for certification, BMP upgraded its quality management system to assist in achieving increased efficiencies, higher performance, and reduced operational costs.


Booth #107

From designing advanced products and technologies to increasing speed to market, Boston Engineering thrives on solving client challenges and making a difference in the way people work and live. In a complex product development world, clients benefit from our deep expertise in key engineering disciplines, our ISO certifications, and our comprehensive services. As a dedicated extension of your team, we apply focused creativity and relentless determination to turn pipe dreams into pipelines, wishful thinking into measurable results, and process complications into progressive solutions.

Boston MedTech Advisors

Booth #615

Boston MedTech Advisors supports its clients (from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies) in the commercialization of new products and services by addressing the highly inter-dependent regulatory, clinical studies, reimbursement, marketing and business development challenges of the global medical technology industry.


Booth #400

Cadence is a full-service contract manufacturer and leading supplier of advanced products, technologies and services to medical device, life science, and industrial companies worldwide.  When it comes to new product design and development, we strive to be the partner of choice. We specialize in products that require high-performance components that are difficult to manufacture, single use products (such as precision hand tools), and consumable replacement parts for machinery.


Booth #512

Cognition Corporation, headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, has been offering solutions for medical device, pharmaceutical, and combination products compliance and commercialization for more than ten years. The Cockpit Platform provides the framework for an extensive set of compliance templates. These templates, which include Risk Management and Design Controls, along with professional services, give companies a jump-start to reduce time-to-market.


Booth #303

Founded in 1991, Cyient provides engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network, and operations management services to global industry leaders. We deliver innovative solutions that add value to businesses through the deployment of robust processes and state-of-the-art technology. Our high quality products and services help clients leverage market opportunities and gain the competitive advantage.


Booth #501

For over 40 years, Design Standards Corporation has been manufacturing precision medical devices for many of the biggest health care suppliers. We specialize in design and manufacture of disposable and reusable medical devices and instrumentation.


Booth #513

Enercon can help turn your ideas into profitable new products by offering comprehensive Product DevelopmentContract Manufacturing and value-added services. From state-of-the-art ISO-certified facilities in Maine, they can meet any or all of your contract manufacturing needs, from product design and engineering, through prototyping and volume manufacturing, to distribution, inventory management and service depot support.


Booth #102

Flex is the Sketch-to-ScaleTM  solutions provider that partners with customers to innovate, design, and build intelligent products in a connected world. With over 200,000 employees and 2,500 engineers across 30 countries, Flex can accelerate time to market and optimize resource allocation for efficient, cost-effective solutions throughout the product life cycle. Within Health Solutions, our approach is supported by FDA-registered and ISO 13485 compliant facilities and a quality system that holds us to the highest standard. Leveraging real time supply chain insight and advanced platform technologies across multiple industries, Flex provides unmatched opportunity for business growth in a smarter world. 


Booth #506

Freudenberg Medical is part of the Freudenberg Group. Founded over 165 years ago, Freudenberg develops innovative products and services for more than 30 market segments worldwide.  Financial stability and long-term orientation form the basis for longstanding partnerships with our customers. With over 40,000 Freudenberg associates around the globe, Freudenberg Medical has access to a unique pool of expertise as well as a global network of R&D facilities. This allows us to support customers from material and design optimization to mass production of finished medical devices.


Booth #601

Leading law firms and companies choose Global Prior Art to empower well-informed, successful decisions surrounding patent litigation, product clearance (FTO) and planning, licensing and acquisition due diligence, IP portfolio construction and business opportunity assessment. Global’s technical specialists provide proprietary visualization tools that allow our clients to leverage critical information typically buried in thousands of patent documents. We enable our legal clients to offer sound opinions based on comprehensive and accurate searches. We position our corporate clients to make the right strategic business decisions, ahead of their competitors.


Booth #503

For 35 years Green Hills has helped clients solve the most difficult design challenges by delivering its unmatched knowledge, cross industry expertise, and a proven security and safety portfolio. Combining with a suite of end-to-end embedded security and device lifecycle management products, Green Hills Software leverages expertise in the design of products to the world’s highest levels of certified safety and security.  From device manufacturers to hospitals, Green Hills Software can help you develop and deploy next generation secure medical devices, hospital nurse stations, doctor smartphones and infrastructure with confidence.


Booth #605

GW Plastics provides concept-to-market contract manufacturing services with a focus on medical/surgical components, fully-assembled devices, and single-use consumables. Specializing in complex injection molded thermoplastic and silicone solutions, our core competencies include product development, in-house precision tooling, scientific molding, and automated assembly. Standardized ISO 13485 cleanroom manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Mexico, China, and Ireland.


Booth #307

Jordi Labs provides contract analytical services with a special emphasis on chemical identification and liquid chromatography products.  As a family company, we take pride in the production of all of our products and analytical service offerings. Customers in nearly all industries are currently using our columns and packing media products worldwide. It is our goal to help our customers overcome their analytical challenges by providing excellent products and personal assistance from our highly trained staff.


Booth #402

Keystone Solutions Group is a West Michigan based engineering, product development and medical device manufacturing company. Since 1997 we have collaborated with customers across the U.S.  in the Aerospace, Automotive, Life Science, and Medical Device industries to design, develop, test, and manufacture a wide range of products from concept through production and distribution. We provide innovative turnkey solutions through our in-house technical expertise and partnership with a network of suppliers with capabilities including Industrial Design, Embedded Software and Hardware, Plastics & Molding, Formed Metals, Machined Components, and Wire Forming. 


Booth #610

The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) is a lifeline for the state’s smaller medical device companies, offering inventors and executives easy, affordable, and coordinated access to world-class researchers and resources at the UMass Lowell and the UMass Medical School campuses of the University of Massachusetts.


Booth #613

MackMedical, our medical products group, is a focused team of product development, program management, quality, regulatory, document control, purchasing, sales and production staff that are skilled in medical manufacturing. Located at Mack’s headquarters in Arlington, Vt., they manage all medical accounts, from upfront engineering through final manufacturing and distribution. The nucleus of MackMedical is engineering-intensive, and reflects a medical manufacturing culture that understands the industry.


Booth #612

Market leaders are continuously challenged by the search for new product opportunities and the logistics of rapid development to bring innovations to market. With over 25 years of product innovation experience, we are experts at evaluating technologies, identifying opportunities, managing development, and rapidly transitioning to effective production solutions. We meet user needs, solve complex ergonomic and engineering issues, and communicate brand sophistication to targeted markets.


Booth #613

In 2007, two seasoned software engineers had finally had enough, after watching former employers throw warm bodies at projects, develop systems in a vacuum, and define done by ‘when the money ran out.’ Over 70 projects later, MedAcuity has grown into the go-to US-based software development partner for leading MedTech companies. The firm boasts over 95% of its business from existing clients and referrals, which include 8 of the top 10 global medical device manufacturers, by following a simple strategy; doing what’s best for clients. 


Booth #401

Medmarc is the leading expert in the products liability risks facing medical technology and life sciences companies. Our team of industry specialists understand the risks facing our clients and specialize in providing insurance and risk management solutions designed to respond to the industry’s particular needs.


Booth #104

Minnetronix is a medical technology and innovation company with deep expertise in electronic and electromechanical devices. Founded in 1996, the company creates new technologies and therapies that solve unmet clinical and business needs for patients and medical device companies. Minnetronix is FDA Registered and ISO 13485 Certified.


Booth #514

Motion Dynamics Corporation manufactures custom micro springs, medical coils and wire components. We are also experts in laser welding and guidewires.  The mainframe of our business is dedicated to the design, production and assembly of high quality wire components for Medical Device applications.  We are experienced with the demands of the product development and production process and offer the shortest possible lead time.


Booth #206

Every day, MPR’s motivated and talented engineering professionals make a difference in locations around the world. We’re working to solve energy shortages by helping to develop the next generation of technologies and improving the operations of existing power plants, and we’re applying advanced technologies to ensure cleaner air and water. MPR is developing innovative medical devices and biotechnology products that offer solutions to world health problems, and we’re on the frontier of smart technologies, developing innovative improvements to make critical systems more secure.


Booth #304

NPI/Medical accelerates New Product Introductions (NPI) while redefining your supply chain through a firm understanding of the product development lifecycle. From new product startups and large medical OEMs to design shops and contract manufacturers, we’ll take your new product from prototype to production (P2P) with a focus on speed, process development, technical precision and customer service.


Booth #101

Polaris Contract Manufacturing, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, has been a provider of contract manufacturing for more than 25 years, servicing high technology customers across a diverse set of industries. We serve customers who have higher mix, medium volume requirements for mission critical printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies and full box build assembly. Our full-service manufacturing and component engineering, end-to-end customer order fulfillments, and trusted sourcing affiliation enables quick delivery and ensures reliable parts.



Booth #616

Presco has a 30 year track record in electronic circuit design, embedded software, and electronics manufacturing. We design, manufacture, and service private label electronic products and sub-assemblies for a diverse client base that includes small startups and Fortune 500 companies. Presco can engage to a product development cycle at the concept stage and carry it all the way through to volume production. We minimize product costs at the design stage, using our team of engineers, scientists, and software professionals to create an inherently low cost solution. Then, we take the project through prototype construction, compliance testing and production make-ready with the same engineering team: no hand-offs, no confusion, no excuses.


Booth #103-104

Proto Labs is the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for custom prototypes and low-volume production parts. The technology-enabled company uses advanced 3D printing, CNC machining and injection molding technologies to produce parts within days. The result is an unprecedented speed-to-market value for designers and engineers and an on-demand resource throughout a product’s life cycle.


Booth #515

At Propel, we’re building modern cloud Product Lifecycle Management software to help propel your digital transformation. Whether you’re at an established company dealing with potentially more nimble competitors, or you’re ramping a young startup and scaling your business, Propel’s cloud PLM software can help.


Booth #608

As an ISO 13485 certified medical device company, Ranfac offers integrated solutions for product design & development, manufacturing process development, regulatory approval, and single source manufacturing. When you partner with Ranfac, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee each phase of the product development process.  By offering these integrated solutions in house, we are able to better control quality, cost, and lead times.


Booth #302

RCRI is a leading provider of strategic consulting and integrated clinical trial services to the medical device, IVD, biologics, and combination product industries. For more than a decade, RCRI has been turning medical product concepts into successful, revenue-generating businesses for clients worldwide. More than 450 companies – from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100 market leaders – have experienced the value of RCRI’s expert insights.


Booth #101

Regulatory and Quality Solutions LLC (R&Q) is the industry leader in providing regulatory and quality consulting and engineering to medical device companies. From strategy to tactical implementation, R&Q partners with clients by providing balanced solutions and hands-on support that enhance the commercialization and post-market processes for medical devices.


Booth #102

REVOX® Sterilization Solutions and Cantel Medical is part of the Cantel Medical Corp (NYST:CMN), a medical device company dedicated to infection prevention and control. The REVOX team includes mechanical engineers, chemists, microbiologists, quality assurance and regulatory affairs professionals. The REVOX team will work to understand your challenges, concerns and opportunities and provide expert insight to help you decide if REVOX sterilization is the right sterilization solution for your product or product concept and/or operational efficiency improvement goals.


Booth #105

Schneider Electric Motion USA is a Connecticut-based motion control manufacturer and a division of Schneider Electric, a global company with operations in more than 100 countries. We invest in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.


Booth #604

Founded over 50 years ago, Smalley Steel Ring Company has evolved to become the world leader in the manufacturing and development of Retaining RingsSpirolox Retaining RingsConstant Section Rings and Wave Springs. Smalley has led the way in introducing state of the art products and continues to lead the way in innovations for the future.  


Booth #609

For 25 years, clients have come to Sunrise Labs for complete product development for medical devices, combination products, and life science instrumentation, leveraging our ISO-13485 and ISO-9001 certified processes. Client success stories reflect our strengths in engineering, project management, and technical disciplines to turn novel ideas into commercially viable products.


Booth #301

Tegra Medical is focused exclusively on precision machining and contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry, producing components and assemblies for leading edge surgical and interventional companies. As an end-to-end solutions provider, our services range from prototyping to full production, and from components to finished medical devices. We also meet the need for wire and hypotubing shipped overnight. Tegra Medical has 220,000 sq. ft. of modern manufacturing space in Massachusetts, Mississippi and Costa Rica.


Booth #401

Toxikon is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO). Located in a state-of-the art laboratory facility in Bedford, Massachusetts, and a second European lab operation in Leuven, Belgium.  We contract and partner with biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device industries to deliver exceptional product development services from concept to final product.

Our professional and scientific staff is experienced in a comprehensive range of compound structures, therapeutic agents, and medical devices, including combinations products. We serve over 1,500 customers in more than 60 countries.


Booth #600

Triangle partners with our clients, global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to develop a wide range of devices for all facets of the medical industry. We are a leading provider of medical instrumentation and implantable devices, at a time when reliable sourcing is more important than ever to meet the demands of the marketplace. Triangle offers design for engineering and manufacturing, process development, dedicated manufacturing cells and quality and risk assessment.


Booth #504

TUV Rheinland provides certification services to EN ISO 13485, EU Directives and ISO 13485:2003 under CMDCAS. TUV Rheinland is also accredited by OSHA as an NRTL and offers product safety testing for electrical and medical products. Additional services offered by TUV Rheinland include RoHS/REACH, EMC/wireless/radio, Cybersecurity and Market Access.


Booth #501

Valtronic’s cross-functional team of scientists, technical experts and business executives are dedicated to building a strategic partnership with you. Innovative ideas and a unique range of technologies allow for positive outcomes for patients, physicians and healthcare professionals. Moreover, with proactive conceptualizing and engineering technologies, Valtronic can help your organization anticipate and meet specific healthcare needs. In this spirit, the group aims to build a long-term proprietary portfolio of medical device technologies through a unique business model for long-term value creation, invention or in-licensing, adding value through innovative development strategies and implementation, and partnering to maximize the commercialization potential.


Booth #607

Vaupell designs, engineers, and produces custom, high performance engineered plastic and composite components and assemblies for demanding applications.  We are the global market leader in plastics components and assemblies for aircraft interiors while also serving the broader aerospacedefensemedical, and commercial markets. Vaupell provides engineered solutions to top tier OEM’s, market-leading growth companies, and promising start-ups. Collaboration with our customers in all phases of a the product life cycle results in the highest value solutions that reduce time to market, manage risk and control costs.