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To complement our series of regional DeviceTalks meetings, we’ve created DeviceTalks Tuesdays, a scheduled, appointment-based opportunity to bring together the medtech leaders and visionaries that typically take the stage. DeviceTalks Tuesdays is available where ever you’re getting the job done. Select one or more of the webcasts and complete the complimentary registration.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 @ 4PM EDT
New Tools & Technology

How can medtechs win the connectivity race, and what happens next?

Session Description: The Covid-19 pandemic fueled the slow burning desires to build medical devices that can connect patients and providers. Going forward, new medical device technologies will need to demonstrate a well-conceived, fool-proof system that ensures medical care can’t be impeded by any future disruptions.

Now is the time for forward-thinking device firms to expand their offering and invest in services that support these groundbreaking new technologies.

Bill Betten of S3 Connected Health will lead a discussion about this next crucial step for medtech. Panelists will talk through some industry examples of companies who have already seen the benefits of a shift in mindset to become both device and service providers.

In the end, medical device makers that incorporate connected technologies into their products will be able to help payers and providers to see value and efficacy in their products.

But the long-term success will come to those companies that build services around those devices to change how healthcare is delivered, and to improve patient and clinical outcomes.


Who should attend? Product Developers, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Investors

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020 @ 4PM EDT

Predicting and Preparing for Disruption in Medtech

Session Description: Disruptive technology has been on the rise and with the current circumstances, adopting remote interaction in healthcare is critical to meet the needs of patients and consumers. Product redesign, virtual consultation and programming, and software are providing more opportunities in healthcare than ever before. To remain competitive, it’s imperative to recognize the changing opportunities, protect your IP, and do so with variable market demands.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Increased patient interaction with the medical devices and digital platforms and what changes are being made to adapt to remote interaction and what IP makes the most sense to protect them
  • Medical device developments in the world of COVID-19
  • Disruptive technology, related digital platforms/apps, and software as a medical device
  • IP specific strategies to help overcome potential hurdles in protecting new innovations
  • Market trends that affect IP risk assessments